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Erotic Sex Tips
“The Mind Set of a Great Lover!”
© 2003 - 2006 Nico Simon Princely

Erotic sex starts in the mind, in fact our brains are our most powerful sexual organs! Many women say they have more powerful orgasms when they are fantasizing than when they are with a partner (of course that would depend on the partner). You will also know that depending on your mood and desires your sexual experience will also differ. So what we want to do is step into the mindset or state of a great lover and when you are in this mindset of a great lover your partner will be able to feel this and it will really turn her on.

When you are in this mindset your goal is pleasure and the pleasure of your partner, you goal is not an orgasm or an ejaculation, this is not porno sex, this is great passionate loving sex.... It's ok to have quickies and porno sex if it's what you and your partner both desire, however it is also nice to be able to add another style of sex to your palette of love making skills..... And this is what I want to get across to you.....

The Mindset of a Great Lover:

1. In this mindset your only goal is to please your lover and his/hers is to please you.

2. In this mindset your orgasm in not a priority, you are not here to get off, but to experience the pleasure of being with each other and exploring each others bodies

3. You feel complete appreciation and respect for your partner’s sexual desires.

4.You savor the feel of your lovers skin, the scent of their hair, the way he/she tastes and the way your lover looks.

5. You are inspired by them.

Ways to shift into this mode of thinking:

1. Slow way down during foreplay and sex and make every thing last 3 times as long..

2. Have extended foreplay, really touch and stroke every inch of your lovers body.

3. Buy a book on sensual massage, and learn to give your lover a full body massage before you have sex.

4. Take a very warm bath together, put on some slow relaxing music and candles and wash each others bodies.

5. When you touch your lover really feel how their skin feels on yours.

6. There is no score to keep, no "I nailed her", "I got off", "I got her off" you are both there only to share a beautiful experience with each other, and to please each other.

7. Take your time and don't rush, play with each other, have fun.......don't be too serious........

I want you to get the mind set, I want you to be able to look at your lover with the appreciation he/she deserves and not just as a notch on your belt... If you are already in a committed relationship, then next time you make love keep what I said above in mind and pretend this is the first time you have ever been with this person, we all used to pretend when we were kids, so we all no how to do it, so do it now and pretend that you are with your lover for the first time. Feel what it feels like to kiss your lover for the first time again, feel what it feels like to touch their skin... Experience what it is like to take her panties off of her and see her nude for the first time again! You may be very surprised how well this works...Try it and let me know what you think!

PS: "Take is slow and really experience being with your lover!"

About the author: Nico Simon Princely is the author of the hot selling “Penis of Steel Manual” a guide for men on penis enlargement, ejaculatory control, sexual technique and supercharged sex. And “The Female Ejaculation Manual” A guide to G-Spot stimulation and female ejaculation for women and the men who love them!” You can reach Nico at


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