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G-Spot Orgasms During Sexual Intercourse Tips (For Men)
© 2003 Mark Simon

There has been a lot of controversy about G-spot Stimulation & Female Ejaculation and the debate as to whether or not women can have more that just clitoral orgasms. Finally it seems to be acknowledged as a fact that indeed women can have both clitoral and vaginal or G-Spot orgasms. There is also ever increasing evidence that some women may also have ejaculatory orgasms as well. I would love to cover this in depth but don't have the time or room here, but I have written a 160 page e-book on female ejaculation which is an excellent resource for those that wish to learn more on this subject.

So what I would like to talk about is how you can stimulate your partners G-spot during intercourse! The G-Spot is located on the front wall of the vagina about 1 1/2 - 2 inches inside right behind the external location of the clitoris for most women. The reason I say most women is that for some women it may be different. The G-Spot is only about the size of a dime or a nickel and will swell and change texture slightly when stimulated properly. Most women require a lot of foreplay and sexual stimulation before G-Spot stimulation is pleasurable for them. For some women G-Spot stimulation is not really a big deal and for others G-Spot stimulation can lead to very intense whole body orgasms and even altered states of conciousness. And then there are those women who experience female ejaculation with G-Spot stimulation.

For all of the above the key seems to be prolonged foreplay, and extended sexual stimulation or extended intercourse. So this means you need to be able to last as long as required for your partner to have a G-Spot orgasm during intercourse! If you are not sure of you can or have a problem with premature ejaculation (ejaculation before you or your partner desire) I would recommend that you work to resolve that issue as it is the #1 complaint of women about their lovers.

For G-Spot Stimulation, here is a formula that I have found to be very Successful:

  • First Don't put pressure on yourself or your partner for her to have a G-Spot orgasm or that will most certainly kill it. Just have fun and explore and try some new things.
  • Start out with extended foreplay.
  • Start with intercourse using the Tease & Please Technique and then the 9 in 1 Technique in my "Penis of Steel Manual" For at least 15 minutes.
  • By now she most likely has already had an orgasm. But even if she has not move on to more direct G-Spot Stimulation. The Best Positions for this are From behind with her on her stomach (in this position you want to aim your penis at the front wall of her vagina), Doggy Style ( with you above her slightly), Her on Top ( have her guide you), and with you on your knees and her on her back with her legs around your waist, while you grasp her hips and pull her as you thrust into her (your penis will be entering her at an upward angle hitting her G-spot) Continue for an extended period of time 15-30 minutes and ask your partner what feels the best and what she likes the best.
  • You will need the ability to maintain a rock hard erection and to last as long as needed and as I have said before our "Penis of Steel Manual" will teach you this. Also I recommend that you share your herbs and supplements that are covered in the manual with your partner as they are beneficial to women in that the can help them to have more powerful orgasms and increased sex drive. There is one supplement in the manual that we recommend you take approximately 1-2 hours before sex to for harder erections and increased ejaculation. I would also recommend that you share this with your partner! You will know which one it is if you have read our manual .

About the author: Nico Simon Princely is the author of the hot selling “Penis of Steel Manual” a guide for men on penis enlargement, ejaculatory control, sexual technique and supercharged sex. And “The Female Ejaculation Manual” A guide to G-Spot stimulation and female ejaculation for women and the men who love them!” You can reach Nico at


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