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Sexual Intercourse Tips (For Men)
“The Best Sexual Intercourse She Ever Had! Thrusting Like a Pro!
© 2003-2006 Nico Simon Princely

"You’re the best fuck I ever had!" that is what an ex-girlfriend said to me after I learned and used the secret thrusting techniques in the "Penis of Steel Manual" and even after we eventually broke up she still wanted to have sex with me!

How would you like to have that power, and ability?

Well you can have it! Just like I and many men all over the world! I have learned that by using these secret thrusting techniques, that when you are able to satisfy a women in this manner through intercourse, she will be even more devoted to you than ever before. You will feel an incredible surge of self-confidence in your ability to satisfy women.

See here is the thing. So many women have been with men that just go IN & OUT and IN & OUT, over and over again, with little and or no variation in rhythm, speed or anything! And others just pound them hard and fast, and yes that is fun sometimes and has it’s place, but think of it like this would you want to eat the same thing for dinner every night? Well, then why thrust the same way every time? Variety is the spice of life and the maker of great sex!

Now I am not talking about positions, but about the actual thrusting of your penis into her vagina during intercourse no matter what position you are in (except for women on top, then it’s her job…)

Most women don’t even know how good it can be, because all they have had is just pound, pound, pound! They are amazed when they feel this for the first time.

Men all over the world that have used these techniques and have heard from women, "You are the best lover I have ever had!", "This is the best sex I have ever had!" or my personal favorite "You’re the best fuck I ever had!" When you do a women the right way, she knows where to come back for more the next time she wants it! And believe me she will come back!

Many women have actually had there first orgasms during sexual intercourse when they had these techniques used on them!

I can’t actually go into the exact techniques here, but I will gave you some good tips that will help you out.

During sexual Intercourse DO:

* vary your speed and rhythm of thrust.

* vary your depth of thrust.

* Always wait until the women is almost begging for it before you put it in!

* Always wait until she is very wet!

* Never Rush things!

* Pull out once in awhile and then reinsert your penis.

* Be imaginative and creative.

About the author: Nico Simon Princely is the author of the hot selling “Penis of Steel Manual” a guide for men on penis enlargement, ejaculatory control, sexual technique and supercharged sex. And “The Female Ejaculation Manual” A guide to G-Spot stimulation and female ejaculation for women and the men who love them!” You can reach Nico at


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